A very important aspect of our business is building and supporting relationships with everyone we conduct business with. In taking care of the customer, our goal is to ensure availability and continuation of services.
Investment Sales

Some real estate agents specialize in representing buyers who are purchasing investment property in the Rio Grande Valley and Texas Coastal area. Upon closing, investors will require a company to oversee the marketing and visibility of the property. Our company will provide those services while maintaining the relationship with the real estate agent. If the investor decides to either purchase additional property or eventually sell their purchased investment, we will contact the realtor.
Property Leasing

Other real estate agents will choose to provide the initial leasing services for the property owner. In this situation, once the real estate agent locates a qualified tenant and facilitates signing of the lease agreement, the property owner will use our company with coordinate the necessary items required to market the property with the future tenants / guests.
Prospective Renters

Real estate agents also represent clients searching for a property to rent. We work closely with agents to ensure your property is fresh in their mind as a lodging option.

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