Property Management

Corpus Christi Rentals management is independent of any Private Property Management. CorpusChristi.Rentals is a marketing portal designed for Private Owners to list their properties. Currently we provide space for vacation rentals and monthly rentals. CorpusChristi.Rentals is not a Property Management firm.

If you are seeking to find a Property Manager, there are real estate professionals listed on this site. CorpusChristi.Rentals does not endorse, nor advocate specific Property Managers. Those that are listed on this site are ready to listen and put forth a strategy to achieve your long term goals. We demand that they are committed to ethical standards, building trust and developing long term relationships. A comprehensive list of property management services an Owner should expect is offered below:

Act as an advisor, educator and consultant to property owners who are seeking professional property marketing services.

Provide a thorough presentation of your property.
Prompt, reliable and convenient communication
Solid relationships to quickly make ready property listings. Reduces vacancy periods and maximizes rental income

Professional Marketing

Same day marketing includes rental listing, and calendar sync on various internet marketing sites. Aggressively market and list the corpuschristi.rental website through all available means to limit vacancy periods and maximize rental income

Internet sites include CorpusChristi.Rentals, Trulia, Home Away, AirBNB, Trip Advisor, TripAngle,, Zillow,, and many others

Evaluate Prospective Clients

Nothing is more valuable to a property owner than listing on a site that offers high quality rentals. We do not accept all properties. Our approval process involves thorough reputation evaluation prior to all listings.
Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repair Services

Responsible and professional local contractors are listed on our site. For managing all aspects of routine and emergency work orders. Our approved contractor list allows for cost effective estimates, timely completion of work orders and accessibility of paid invoices once the work is closed.

Receipt of initial work orders and scheduled maintenance
Transparent and timely communication through the life cycle of the work order with the contractor and property owner
Notification and approval of work orders through an online owner portal
Management of initial make ready and repair projects

Accounting Services

Manages each portfolio to ensure money coming in and out of the portfolio is tracked timely and reported monthly. Property owners should have the ability to review financial statements at any time.

Ability to collect rents online via paypal daily, through direct deposit 48 hr, or via weekly check. Your choice.
Assign work orders to contractors and post invoices online
Access to Monthly and Yearly Statements
Receipt of MISC-1099 forms for Year End Taxes
Ability to generate Profit and Loss reports