Do you have maintenance staff or subcontract repairs?

We are not a Property Management Company, therefor we do not handle repairs on your property. However, we have a large community of owners listing on our site. There is a recommended Contractors forum in which local companies are listed and referred by your fellow property owners. Although we do not endorse any particular contractors you will find that those listed are typically reliable, qualified, and cost effective contractors. Your backend management portal has the ability to generate work order requests to various contractors you list. The work order history is maintained for your tracking job progress and keeps everything organized and at your fingertips.

What type of properties list on CorpusChristi.Rentals?

We list shorter term vacation rentals and longer term lodging leasing options. The company specializes in single, multi-family properties, and condominiums.

How do I view and make changes in the listing for my property?

All financial statements, management agreements, rental / lease agreements, invoices and other documentation is available 24/7 through an online owner portal.

Is rental income directly deposited into my account?

Yes they are, daily if you use paypal or 48 hr via bank ach. CorpusChristi.Rentals collects payments. Payments are then routed directly to Property Owners or their designee less 3% bankcard discount fee and our $25 one time commission that we collect from the guests booking your property. If you prefer a check, we mail on a weekly basis.