An important aspect and consideration in listing your property is cost.
How much is it going to cost to have your property listed on one or more websites?
How much do vacation travelers have to pay when they book a rental? This is an important element to consider when maintaining a property rental business.
Corpus Christi Rentals does not pass on charges to property owners. Much like Flipkey, AirBnB, and others we earn our money from travelers booking rentals. We do not charge excessive booking fees however. Need not worry about guests complaining about our fees, they’re very low and a bargain for the time saved searching and comparing different rental options.
Our booking fees are paid for by your guests. Our studies have shown that online shoppers have no resistance to paying a slight fee for a superior service. We charge $25 per rental, period. No matter what length of time, amount paid, or number of guests.
Optional Setup Fee

Setting up a property listing is not difficult, in fact it is very easy, but it does require a little bit of time, (pictures, fees, descriptions). We charge a one time setup fee of $25 for those clients wishing to outsource their site’s initial setup. This fee is completely up to clients. You can easily create your own listing at no charge. Use us as an option to save you time.

If you choose to delist your property it is easy to do. If you have listed your business advertisement please do so prior to the renewal date and you will not be charged.

We ask that you notify us in writing at Corpus Christi Rentals, 6523 Jade Meadow, San Antonio, TX 78249 or via email at 3 business days prior to your scheduled renewal date to ensure your auto payment is canceled.
Owner Reserve

We do not maintain an Owner Reserve. We understand that this is your property generating your revenue. Therefor we will never seek to withhold any of your funds for future expenses or payments.